10-month pregnant Chhavi Mittal worried about post-term birth of baby

Chhavi Mittal

TV actress Chhavi Mittal.

Chhavi Mittal who has entered tenth month of her pregnancy is worried about the post-term birth of her baby and says she might have to artificially induce labour if it doesn’t happen naturally.

The actress has been patient all this while even after reaching the tenth month of her pregnancy and had written in a long post about how it’s perfectly normal for women to reach 42 weeks before natural labour begins, especially if it’s the second pregnancy.

The actress on Mother’s Day opened up about her anxieties associated with the delay in her delivery in an Insta post. “I was really looking forward to being a mother of 2 before this day arrives. I know all of you have been waiting for the good news. But more than all you guys, my patience is wearing thin, because there’s still no sign of labour. And if labour doesn’t knock on my door today, we might have to artificially induce it, which breaks my heart because on one hand the baby’s at risk due to being a post term birth, and on the other hand, the baby’s at risk due to the drugs being pumped in my body for an induction. What does a mother choose?

I’ve been so natural throughout that I didn’t even allow sunscreen to enter my blood stream, and now this. I’m mustering up all that I have within me to induce labour naturally to ensure an absolutely healthy baby in my arms. Long walks, squats, duck walks, ghee, pressure point massages, meditation, spicy food and what not. I freshly determine to make this birth the kind of birth that I have visualised. Keep those prayers coming #waitingforlabour,” she wrote.

The actress had also posted about her final doctor visit three days back sharing how she can’t walk anymore and is considering artificial inducement of labour.

Final doctor visit today. Although me and the baby are perfectly fine even though I can’t walk anymore ?? and the baby is all cramped up, the doctor will check and decide whether we can still wait for natural labour or go ahead and induce. Last night was the first peaceful night I experienced in the last few weeks with the work and shifting and all. I’m free mentally, relaxed physically, and feel totally ready to welcome to LO whenever he/she comes. Hell I even set up the pram and the cot yesterday! The nesting instinct though? That’s here to stay for a long time I guess.. #waitingforlabour, she wrote.

The actress has been keeping herself busy throughout her pregnancy. She is the co-founder of digital company Shitty Ideas Trending and also shifted house recently.

Hope to hear the good news soon.


Author: Josep