Beat Stress And Get Super Fit With This Easy Midweek Workout By Yasmin Karachiwala

Beat Stress And Get Super Fit With This Easy Midweek Workout By Yasmin Karachiwala

Long working hours and heavy workloads are some of the reasons why employees start feeling the mid-week blues. If you do not have the time in the middle of the week to go to gym, should you just give up on your goal to lose weight, build muscle or six-pack abs? No, not at all. There is more than one way to achieve your fitness goals. For beginners, busy people, and cardio fans full body-workouts can be a smart alternative. Instead of training a couple muscle groups per workout five or six days a week, you can train every muscle group per workout on just two or three days a week. And you can still get a toned body along with a healthy diet and this training strategy.

Through a recent Instagram post, the celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala showed five and easy exercises which can be done on the weekend.

Try these five quick and easy exercises:

1. Squat side kick: The squat side kick exercise is a must in your workout routine. This workout is beneficial for your legs and glutes while challenging your core muscles. Additionally, this exercise enhances your muscle strength. For this exercise, you need to keep your chest up and hips back. You should do three sets of squat side kick.

2. Push up with alt arm raise: This simple exercise is one of the most effective if you want to strengthen your arms. Changing up the kind of push-up you do will target different areas of your arms and back.

3. Moving triceps: The triceps stretch improves your flexibility and range of motion. After an upper body workout routine, that includes squats, pushing or pressing movements, it is important to stretch your triceps to prevent soreness and tightening of the muscles. Stretching exercises are often overlooked but they are very important for maintaining muscle tone and health.

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4. Lateral bunny hops: Bunny hopping is one of best exercises to do if you don’t like running. It is simple and can be done in your room also. Bunny hopping is an exercise for your entire body. It is tough and the exercise will engage both your legs and arms. For lateral bunny hop, stand straight and jump to your left. Come back to the original position and then jump to your right. Repeat this at least twenty times and remember to keep the jumps small and legs close.

5. Opposite arm and leg stretch: This exercise is beneficial for those who want to strengthen their lower back to reduce their risk of injury or due to muscular weakness. This exercise is superb to warm up your hip joints and even strengthen the abdominals.

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