Chhavi Mittal shifts to a new house in tenth month of pregnancy

Chhavi Mittal

Actress Chhavi Mittal wanted to shift to her new abode before the little one arrives.

Soon-to-be mommy Chhavi Mittal recently entered the tenth month of her pregnancy. She shared the news with her fans through her Instagram post where she explained how the tenth month of pregnancy is perfectly normal.

Chhavi Mittal who is a co-founder of digital company Shitty Ideas Trending kept herself busy throughout her pregnancy. While talking about her busy schedule the actress said, “I want to keep myself so busy that I don’t get time to fret about the troubles associated with pregnancy.”

Chhavi has not taken a break even after entering the 41st week of her pregnancy. She might have not been able to go to her office but she was not resting during that time. The actress was busy shifting to her new house before the little one arrives.

Chavvi Mittal who keeps her fan busy through regular posts on social media was missing for the last three days. But, she soon posted a picture of hers and shared what kept her busy.

She wrote, “No, no signs of the hospital yet.. still standing on my own 2 feet.. still working more than ever to achieve my deadlines! I wanted to move into my new house before the LO arrives and really happy that I was successfully able to achieve that goal thanks to my superman husband @mohithussein who has run from pillar to post in achieving this.

Apart from this there’s also the schedules for SIT’s YouTube and Facebook and Instagram that have to be finalised. And with us not being able to go to office due to the whole shifting and last minute finishing going on in the house and the preparations for the baby to arrive, (& me walking at a snail’s pace ), it’s really difficult to co-ordinate at office. Add to that terrible network, and you have both your hands and your feet full! But, thankfully, I was able to achieve all these deadlines last night by 2am. Phew…. So, for all of you who feel I’ve gone to the hospital and hence no posts, sorry to disappoint you! But I promise to drop in a quick word when labour knocks at my door! Meanwhile, keep those prayers coming in! #41weekspregnant.”

Ishqbaaz actress Navina Bole, who is also pregnant, called her inspirational. She commented on the post, “So so strong and inspirational!! Kudos momma.”


Author: Josep