Healthy and effective diet during Pregnancy; tips and recipe ideas

Healthy and effective diet during Pregnancy; tips and recipe ideas

Pregnancy is a time when you need to take extra care of yourself as you have another life growing inside you. Right from the time you conceive, or even before that, you need to be in the pink of health to ensure that you have a healthy newborn. Diet plays a very vital part. What you eat will have an effect on your baby and on you as well.

Baked spinach rolls

Spinach is another must-have food item during pregnancy. In this dish, the spicy vegetables rolled in spinach leaves provide supplies of vitamin A which boosts the immune system, improves vision and nourishes the skin of a mum-to-be and her baby as well.

Curd shorba

This dish is a classic combination of ingredients brought together in a delicious Indian style soup which provides enough vitamin B2 from curd for the normal development of the baby. it is good in taste too, making it an apt dish for the expecting mum.

Baked stuffed tomatoes

This dish utilises tomatoes as the base and other veggies as the stuffing. It has a flavoursome stuffing of mixed vegetables and paneer adding body to tomatoes which are a storehouse of folic acid and vitamin B12 required to build new red blood cells of the mother and child.

Bean sprouts and veggie wraps

This is a filling and wholesome snack for an expecting mother to satiate small hunger pangs and increase nutrient requirements. Broccoli, sprouts and baby corn combine well not just in taste but appearance as well. Not to forget that this dish is nothing short of a super-nutritious meal.

Bajra khakhras

During your first trimester, it is better to have dry carbohydrates for your breakfast to ease morning sickness. If you are fed-up of regular biscuits and breads, try these crunchy khakhras instead. Make these in large batches so that you can have them in the morning whenever you have the urge to eat something. The addition of til improves the iron content of these khakhras.


Author: Josep