Mothers share the rudest things they have been told during pregnancy

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From curious questions, judgement to free advice, most pregnant women are used to people saying inappropriate things to them. On a Reddit thread, mothers, and some fathers too shared incidents where family members, friends, colleagues and even strangers said weird things about pregnancy. Take a look:

1. “I’ve been asked a total of four times where I conceived. By family members. Like…how in depth do you really want that answer?” -Abaiyachi

2. “I had difficulty gaining weight when I was pregnant due to severe morning sickness. I had an acquaintance tell me that my baby was going to be malnourished and sickly since I didn’t gain enough weight. That really upset me since I was already worried about that possibility. The baby ended up being average weight and healthy.” -Lastofherkind

3. “…there was this coworker who took one glance at me and told me ‘you couldn’t possibly get any bigger!’ when I was only 6 months along and carried pretty small. Ooookay.” -hyphie

4. “‘Was it planned?’ is one I get a LOT of now (currently 21 weeks with a baby boy!). Yes, baby was planned but I had a small chance of carrying long enough to make it to a dating scam because of hormonal issues and previous scarring.” -ReginaSerpentium

5. “During my pregnancy, I was asked all kinds of things about breastfeeding, how I wanted to deliver, and even whether my husband and I could still have sex. The rudest question was by a coworker after I got back from maternity leave: ‘so is everything still okay down there or did you need a lot of stitches?’. -DoctorNini

6. “This lady I worked with figured out when I conceived from my expected due date. It was within a week of my birthday. She then told everyone in our office that I got pregnant for my birthday. It was super awkward.” -alexaplaydespasito

7. “My mom spent my entire pregnancy reminding me not to gain too much weight and suggesting I was getting big. I’m three weeks postpartum and just yesterday she told me to do yoga to fix my belly. Thanks mom!” -jamesjoycethecat

8. “At swimming lessons a guy was asking me about when the baby was due and whether I had other children and then asked me whether they were all by the same father.” -fsr87

9. “I’ve been asked if it was planned, if my then-husband was the father, if I was going to breastfeed, if I planned a natural delivery with no drugs, and so on… People are rude sometimes!” -minimesmom


Author: Josep