Surya Grahan 2019: Is Solar Eclipse harmful during pregnancy?

Surya Grahan 2019: Is Solar Eclipse harmful during pregnancy?
Surya Grahan, known as a solar eclipse is a celestial event which occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, stopping the sun rays from touching the earth’s surface partially. This year, a major solar eclipse will be visible on July 02, at 10: 25 p.m. and will last for upto four minutes.
According to traditional beliefs, both these planets- Sun and the Moon, considered ‘grahas’ are very powerful and hence, people are said to take necessary precautions when their planetary positions get changed. In some cultures and astrological fields, eclipses are bad omens and can impact your health. Hence, caution is advised.

Pregnant mothers and those who have just recently given birth, in particular, are advised to take strong precautions and care to protect the baby and their health. Many are not even allowed to step out of the house during an eclipse like event. Hence, it is believed that Surya Grahan is not safe for pregnant women.

Scientifically, there is no claim or truth to the matter that eclipses are potentially harmful to the baby or the mother’s health. But, the fear is so deep-rooted in many families that it marks a solar eclipse as a bad omen. Therefore, people don’t advise or recommend stepping out of the home premises fearing ill-effects.

Staying indoors is not a problem but one should also know that if a pregnant woman cannot avoid staying indoors during the eclipse, it doesn’t mean that something bad will happen with the baby. The child will still be born healthy and hearty and the mother-to-be will be well too.

However, this being said, there are some general precautionary measures mums-to-be can still take for the safety of their own health as well as for the peace of mind of their concerned family members:

– Staying indoors,getting plenty of rest and not exerting the body.

– Not using sharp objects or indulging in risky activities which can lead to injuries.

– Not observing a fast which could compromise on your health and the nutrition.

– Never look at the eclipse with naked eyes. In fact, no one should look at the eclipse with naked eyes, as it might harm the eyesight. This has scientific backing as even directly looking at the sun can cause harm to your eyes.


Author: Josep