Tips to Master Rummy Playing Online in A Week

It does not matter whether you are a beginner in rummy playing itself or whether you know rummy and are just trying to acquaint yourself with online rummy playing. In either case, the tips we have listed down will surely help you master online rummy playing in just about a week’s time. You can then even play rummy online for real cash and make a few quick bucks with your skills. Follow these tips in the order in which they have been listed:

Acquaint Yourself with Basic Rules of Rummy

A player of rummy who has played the game offline and is just curious how it is different online should also take time to re-read the rules. This is because there are many different variations of rummy games exist offline and the rules for each are different. The most common variant played of rummy games is the 13 cards rummy. Here are the rules governing this game:

  • Each player needs to make one natural (pure) sequence and one real (artificial) sequence. These two sequences are together termed as life.
  • The remaining could either be sequences or melds.
  • Melds are a combination of three cards of same value but of different signs. You may consider making a meld from A of diamonds, A of hearts and A of clubs. Jokers maybe used to complete melds.
  • There are three main types of jokers used in these rummy games. The first is the joker cards existing in the deck. The second is the blanks in the deck. The third is a card randomly pulled out of the deck to act as a joker.

It is important to grasp these basic rules before playing indian rummy online games.

Understand the Difference Between Online Rummy and the Offline Game

There are some basic differences between online and offline rummy games. You need to understand these differences. Offline gaming ethics tell you to pass a turn if you aren’t playing. You should not take too much time for your turn as it is against the ethics of the game. However, your turn won’t be passed in case you take too much time. This is not the case with online playing. The player loses his turn if he takes more than the allocated time.

Offline rummy gaming does not require internet. You can play rummy online free without cash only when there is a good internet connection. Your gaming app like KhelplayRummy is an online live platform and will not perform without good speed internet connection.

It is completely legal to play rummy online for real cash. The online rummy gaming apps like KhelplayRummy is authorised to allow real money gaming online.

Know All About Chips and Points

Before you go ahead and play games with cash, here are some things you need to know. You need to know the number of points that will be charged in case you lose the game. You must also know the number of points charged if you pass in the beginning of the game or half way through the game. Knowing all these facts about points will prepare you better for online real money earning games. When you play a real money game, you need to deposit a certain amount in the account and purchase real chips. Find out all about the number of real chips charged for tournaments and then decide whether you are ready for playing.

Know How to Pass the Game

Just knowing the points charged for passing is not enough. You need to find out how to pass your turn during the game. Understanding this will help you decide quickly during your turn whether to pass or play.

Practice Rummy Card Games on KhelplayRummy

Even the best players need practice. Playing rummy games frequently trains the mind for certain organising skills. Your mind naturally gets trained for the next move. You get wise at guessing the right sequence or when you should quit a game. All this can happen only when you play the game online frequently. So, go ahead and choose 13 card rummy game free download for pc. Enjoy the game during your work breaks and refresh your mind.

Author: Josep