Weight Loss: 5 Ingenious Tips To Cut Fat and Cholesterol From Your Diet

Weight Loss: 5 Ingenious Tips To Cut Fat and Cholesterol From Your Diet

Let’s admit it; our urban diet is packed with all things greasy, sugary and fattening. Our dependence on packaged and processed food is higher than ever. Most of us are pressed for time and all convenient options available are packed with fats and empty calories. In such a scenario, the idea of eating healthy is easier said than done. But that does not mean you need to develop a cold feet already. Start by making gradual changes. Weight loss and low cholesterol are signs of better heart health as well as a better overall health. Small steps takes today to get your weight and cholesterol under control, can go a long way in helping you live a long and healthy life.

Here Are 5 Ingenious Tips To Cut Fat and Cholesterol From Your Diet 

1. Use Skim or low-fat milk or milk products: Many studies have claimed that full cream milk or milk products may not be the best bet for those who are looking to lose weight. They may be high on protein, but they are also weight-inducing. Skimmed milk is a fabulous weight-loss-friendly alternative. Skimmed milk is milk, from which all cream has been removed; its fat content is 0.1 percent. You can drink it or have it with your cereals or blend it in smoothies.

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2. Choose lean cuts of meat: If you are eating pork, stick to the lean cuts like sirloin roast, tenderloin or loin chops; these cuts are less fatty as compared to other parts of the meat. However, it is a good idea to cut down on red meat and choose lean meat like poultry or fish, because of its high protein value and less fat and bad cholesterol content. Make sure your meal is well-balanced. Complement your meat-based meal with ample grains and vegetables for healthy antioxidants.

3. Use vegetable or peanut oil, instead of desi ghee, refined oil or margarine: The preparation of food determines the final calorie count of it. Cooking your food in desi ghee or refined oil induces unnecessary saturated fats in your food that can clog your arteries and also raise your bad cholesterol levels, while increasing risk of weight gain.

4. Reduce use of egg yolk and cook with egg whites. Egg yolks are said to be high in cholesterol. People who have high cholesterol could opt for a meal without egg yolks. Many people believe that egg yolks are fattening. It is not fat-inducing. In fact, it is packed with many vital nutrients like vitamin D and choline. Therefore, learn to strike a balance.

5. Load up on more protein and fibres: Try to incorporate as many protein and fibre-rich vegetables, nuts, fruits etc. in your diet. Both protein and fibre helps induce a feeling of satiety, as they take a while to digest, further imparting a feeling of fullness. Vegetables, grains, seasonal fruits and nuts are some great sources of protein that you must include in your diet.


Author: Josep