Why Do We Crave Fatty Foods When Dieting? Here’s The Answer

Why Do We Crave Fatty Foods When Dieting? Here's The Answer

If you avoid eating cakes, donuts, cheese-burst pizzas and French fries and constantly worry about the calories you are taking in, then fret not as you’re not alone. There are many people who try to stay away from all things fried and sugary in order to avoid putting on extra weight. This does not mean that one has to steer clear of cakes or donuts completely, but eating them in moderation may not hamper your weight loss goals. Also, following a crash diet or fad diet may give you results in short-term but may wreak havoc on your health in the long-term.

Avoiding greasy, fatty and oily foods is the key to a successful dieting plan. But have you ever wondered why we tend to crave such foods when we’re dieting? A recent study, published in the Journal of Behavioural Brain Research, identified new brain circuits that may act as a brake on binge eating and junk food craving.

“Craving for foods high in fat – this includes many junk foods – is an important part of obesity and binge eating,” said Jonathan Hommel, lead author of the study. “When trying to lose weight people often strive to avoid fatty foods, which ironically increases motivation and craving for these foods and can lead to overeating. Even worse, the longer someone abstains from fatty foods, the greater the cravings become,” Hommel added.

Adding more fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies to your diet will not only promote your health but will also accelerate the pace of your weight loss programme. Some healthy options that you can try are fresh fruit and vegetable juices, wholegrain breads with hummus, dry roasted nuts, trail-mix, cottage cheese, fruit shakes made with low-fat milk, dry cereals and grain salads like couscous, quinoa, bulgur and barley, boiled eggs salads with vegetables, low-fat meats like chicken and fish with vegetables, beans and sprouts, and yogurt.


Author: Josep