Yes, You Can Help Someone Battle Depression. Just Say ‘I Understand’

Remember those days when we all lived, laughed and cried together as a society. When the rooms were small but we would all fit in happily. Somewhere in the desires for bigger rooms, we shrank our worlds. Those evening cups of tea that would bring families together have now been taken over by “to go” coffees.

Those heart to heart conversations are now long lost in the piles of files and individual lives. As a result, we have led ourselves into isolation, not realising that loneliness can bother some of us to the extent that we may just end up existing and not living. What I’ve written below is an attempt to describe the plight of that state of mind.

Look at that wooden cupboard

The shelves appear to be strong,

The warnish is spic and span,

It’s been like this for long.

One morning it just gave way

Beyond any repair to my freight,

They said what seemed strong from outside

Was eaten up by termite.

When it eats up a person

It takes a different name,

Depression as we call it

Knows very well how to tame.

The smiles on the faces

Do not let us see the inner fight,

Where all hopes have been consumed

And there is darkness in the light.

The laughter for no reason,

Is to hide what they are going through

Let’s urge them again and again

By repeatedly asking, “How Are You”?

Let’s hold them tightly,

Even when they repel us in despair,

Let’s reach out to their souls

And let them know we are there.

In the battle against depression

Let’s stand hand in hand,

When they tell you how they feel

Just say “I understand”.



Author: Josep